Is Pinterest Body Negative?

As a writer, I do a lot of research.

I enjoy researching new topics. Especially when it involves a wanton pinning session on my favourite search engine (not social media) Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. When it shows you “more like this” it is combing keywords present in the pin with the imagery used. It loves to match colours plus it recognises faces and people.

But somehow, this Pinterest algorithm has gone wrong. Either it is abuse by fitness-freaks going all-guns on pin-promotion or Pinterest itself can only accept one body shape for a woman.

Do a search on “Being Body Positive” and look at the results: Pinterest wants you to lose weight.

Wait, what?

But I’m doing a search onĀ ‘being body positive’ – that means loving your body regardless of size, age or shape. That means accepting our personal image and defying what society expects a woman (or a man) to look like.

  • It does not mean losing weight.
  • It does not mean changing who we are to fit the mould.
  • Being body-positive means breaking the mould.

Yet we’re confronted with “5 tips to destroy belly fat”, “Get the beach-ready body you’ve always wanted”, “Killer workouts for women” (which I can only assume means doing exercise whilst still looking pretty).

Exercise is great, exercise is healthy. It’s not a particularly good way of losing weight (that’s just plain and simple eating less) but it can help you shape up. You can’t control where you lose weight from, so why try? Being preoccupied with exercising to lose weight to try to get your body to look a certain way is not healthy.

It really – really – angers me that when someone looking for support or empowerment or a sense of community regarding their (perfect, natural and beautiful) body that they have to wade through this “you are too fat” crap.

But I don’t know what to do about it other than write this post and pin it to a Pinterest board.

If you agree with me, please pin this graphic.

Every timeĀ someone is looking for body-empowerment and is bombarded with the losing weight propaganda, I want them to see my graphic.

Pinterest – please don’t turn into Instagram.

Being Body Positive does not mean being less fat. Sort it out, Pinterest.
Being Body Positive does not mean being less fat. Sort it out, Pinterest.


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