Using Urine: 10 surprising purposes for pee science writer

Using Urine: 10 Surprising Purposes for Pee

Wait? What! Isn’t this a blog about dancing, happiness and female-empowerment? What has urine got to do with anything? Ok, rumbled – it hasn’t. But I’m a freelance writer and this is my blog. And sometimes a pitch for an article idea doesn’t turn into a job. Plus I hate things going to waste so, you

Swing Dance Taster Session Featured Image

What is a swing dance taster session like?

Its 7 pm and we’re arranging the chairs at the back of the big hall, upstairs at the King’s Community Centre in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. There’s a table with lessons sign-up information and flyers about other opportunities to dance plus the refreshments table with plenty of water and the all-important Jelly Babies. Today is the

Health Benefits of dance, start dancing

Four reasons to start dancing

It’s that time of year when we pick our post-Christmas, lardy selves up off the sofa and make those resolutions: like actually getting fit or losing weight. We ultimately fail at these goals because our focus is on the end result and not on how we get there. You could join a gym or a