The Dancer in Mind
This is me performing a belly dance routine

My name is Nicola and I’m a passionate dancer.

Sometimes I even get the steps right.

I am a belly dance performer and regularly dance swing and vintage jazz. Plus, I’m a dance costumier and freelance writer.

I have a passion for creating things, a fabric addiction problem, two children and a husband.

What is The Dancer In Mind About?

The Dancer in Mind is aimed at the average, non-professional hobby dancer like me. It is not about being the best dancer but instead about the health benefits, the community and shared experiences plus the joy of dancing.

The Dancer in Mind celebrates dance in all its forms and promotes the accessibility of dance as well as making it inclusive for everyone. I am a passionate promoter of body-positive thinking and promoting happiness and wellbeing, especially among women particularly mothers and in the later years of life.

I will share with you all my experiences of dancing and of performing, pregnancy and dancing, tips for self-improvement and self-care plus the odd little costume make along the way.

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