mental and brain disorders

Should mental health be viewed as brain health?

Today is World Mental Health Day (at least it was when I started researching an article on good brain health). Social media was full of personal stories of mental health, voices challenging the mental illness stigma plus all the memes about how “it’s okay to not be okay”. It got my brain thinking: how is

Using Urine: 10 surprising purposes for pee science writer

Using Urine: 10 Surprising Purposes for Pee

Wait? What! Isn’t this a blog about dancing, happiness and female-empowerment? What has urine got to do with anything? Ok, rumbled – it hasn’t. But I’m a freelance writer and this is my blog. And sometimes a pitch for an article idea doesn’t turn into a job. Plus I hate things going to waste so, you

Dance Performance Tips

Five Dance Performance Tips

As a natural show-off, I wanted to share with you some simple dance performance tips that can really change your next dance recital from a series of steps to music to a true performance that will gain you extra applause, enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Performance is a natural progression for a dancer. Some people are

How to write a Happiness Resume

How to feel happy Part 1: Write a happiness resume

I am writing a series of blog posts on the topic of happiness. For me, dancing is happiness: it’s healthy for mind, body and spirit as I described in my Reasons to Dance post recently. But there are plenty of things that anyone can do to inject a little bit of happiness into their everyday.